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Savannah limousine rental services

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah has a long and luxurious list of bars and restaurants. With over 250, it’s no surprise Savannah is one of the South’s most popular destinations. So, if you are new to town or want to take your loved one to the city’s top gastronomic delights, use Savannah limousine rental services. Let’s look at the top places that we can take you to.

Top 5 Luxurious Restaurants and Bars to Visit with Savannah Limousine Rental Services

1.     The Grey

Make the stop at The Grey, a renowned contemporary Southern restaurant that has garnered national awards. Tucked away in a vintage building, the restaurant has a casual oyster and cocktail bar at the front, leading to a spacious dining room in the rear. Chef Bailey’s seasonally driven artistry makes an exceptional menu that blends unexpected ingredient pairings with modern twists on classic Lowcountry dishes. The grandeur of The Grey makes it an ideal spot to kick off your night in the city.

2.     Fleeting

Move on to the Eastern Wharf and discover Fleeting, located on the ground floor of the Thompson Hotel. Rob Newton, the mastermind behind the ever-changing menu, uses local produce and seafood, taking advantage of the Savannah River’s proximity. Before dinner, indulge in sophisticated cocktails at Bar by Fleeting in the hotel lobby. The luxurious ambiance of this restaurant needs you to travel in style with Savannah limousine rental services.

3.     The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a pastel-pink colonial mansion that has become an institution in Savannah. Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, this historic eatery offers Lowcountry Southern suppers that attract diners from far and wide. Fried green tomatoes with sweet corn cream, spring rolls with shrimp, crab, and sausage, and “Southern Sushi” with coconut-crusted nori are just a glimpse of the inventive menu awaiting you.

4.     a.Lure

For a taste of classic southern cuisine like no other, head to a.Lure, an award-winning restaurant with a focus on farm-fresh flavors. The menu features dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. From crab cakes with passion fruit tartar to Lowcountry boil with local seafood, Lure ensures that every dish is a tempting delight that will leave you longing for more. So, take your other half to this restaurant by selecting Savannah limousine rental services.

5.     Garibaldi

A favorite since 1871, Garibaldi’s legacy as a saloon in Congress St for local firefighters has evolved into a fine dining destination with a Gilded Age ambiance. Offering impeccable service and world-class Italian cuisine, Garibaldi welcomes patrons in fine dining attire or business casual wear. Indulge in artfully prepared seafood, beautifully crafted classics, and expertly selected wines for a truly timeless dining experience.


A night on the town in Savannah becomes more fun when paired with the city’s culinary wonders. Each restaurant gives a flavor of Savannah’s rich culinary heritage. As you traverse these culinary destinations, let the luxury of a limousine enhance your experience.

Book your ride with Savannah limousine rental services provided by Get You There Limos. Enjoy your night out, relax, and savor the best of Savannah’s cuisine while enjoying the convenience and comfort of a premium limousine service!

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