Exploring Savannah’s Food Scene with Private Transportation Services Near Me Savannah

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It’s easy to fall in love while exploring Savannah. With a deep history and beautiful masterpieces, this coastal city with cobblestoned streets is unlike any other – and, oh, how can I forget the food! A private transportation service near me in Savannah is ideal for enjoying Savannah’s bustling food scene while remaining stylish and comfortable. Here is all you need to know about the city’s best breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner restaurants.

9 Eateries to Visit with Private Transportation Limousine Service Near Me in Savannah

1.     Colin’s Quarter

Arriving at Colin’s Quarter in a limousine sets the tone for a lavish breakfast. Colin’s Quarter provides a fantastic brunch experience from its two convenient downtown and Forsyth Park locations. The restaurant is known for its vibrant ambiance and Instagram-friendly settings.

2.     Foxy Loxy

Starting your day with a ride in a limousine to Foxy Loxy adds sophistication to your morning. Foxy Loxy, located in downtown Savannah, is a popular coffee shop visited by individuals looking for a comfortable place to work or have a morning treat.

3.     The Grove

Hiring a private transportation service near Savannah is a good option for going into restaurants, especially if you are on a lively date or a girl’s hangout. The Grove is a popular brunch spot where you can indulge in bellinis with popsicles and enjoy breathtaking views from the rooftop bar.

4.     Tequila & Co.

Tequila & Co. guarantees a memorable margarita experience. Tequila & Co. has a bustling atmosphere and serves some of the greatest margaritas in town. The restaurant is well-known for its tacos, making it a popular destination for people looking for authentic Mexican cuisine.

5.     Plant Riverside District

Exploring the Plant Riverside District with a private transportation service near me in Savannah allows you to quickly move from one culinary hotspot to another. The Plant Riverside District, a relatively new addition to Savannah’s riverside, features a variety of dining, shopping, and live music venues. Guests can explore the riverwalk’s numerous eateries and open-air pubs, specifically emphasizing the delicious BBQ place.

6.     Stone & Webster Steakhouse

Stone & Webster Steakhouse provides a premium dining experience with an exceptional menu served in a refined atmosphere. The restaurant, famous for its juicy filet and ribeye, is ideal for special events and festivities.

7.     Alligator Soul

Arriving at Alligator Soul in a private transportation service near me in Savannah adds an element of mystery and intrigue to your fine dining experience. A classic Savannah staple, Alligator Soul offers fine dining in a unique basement setting. Guests can expect an array of exotic and delicious dishes, though reservations are often required due to their popularity.

8.     Emporium Kitchen & Wine Bar

A limousine trip to Emporium Kitchen & Wine Bar makes your dinner arrangements more upscale. Emporium Kitchen & Wine Bar, located in the Peregrin Hotel, serves a menu that includes locally produced products. Guests can enjoy meals like the memorable short rib in a stylish and welcoming setting.

9.     Elizabeth’s on 37th

Arriving at Elizabeth’s on 37th in a private transportation service near me in Savannah sets the tone for a traditional Southern dining experience. Elizabeth’s on 37th is known for its great hospitality and refined gastronomy, and it is a popular choice for special occasions.


Exploring Savannah’s culinary scene is an adventure on its own, but adding the luxury of a private limousine takes the experience to new heights. Make this culinary tour in style and comfort by hiring a private transportation service near me in Savannah. Get You There Limos is here to make your food adventure memorable. Don’t wait! Book your private limousine today.

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